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Welcome to The TV Mounting Pro, we provide same-day TV wall mounting service for domestic and business premises. With years of experience and reputation, we keep the standard high to meet every client’s expectations. Our professionals can mount your TV on any surface, we also can help you to choose or provide the right bracket for your TV and wall.

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TV wall mounting height

How high should a TV be mounted? This is the most important and common question we always get to answer. Experts and we recommend keeping the middle of your TV at eye-level while seated. This is normally about 42” from the floor to the middle of your TV. However this might be different from person to person based on their height and sofa

TV wall mounting- Plasterboard wall

If you have a plasterboard wall noting to worry, our experts can help you. All modern homes and new built flats/houses’ walls are partly made of plasterboard. With years of experience and expertise we have mounted over 2000 TVs on plasterboard wall. We carefully inspect the wall and brackets prior to installation. The installation process on plasterboard wall is different compared to brick wall. All wall mounts/brackets are not suitable/safe on plasterboard wall. We can help you to choose or supply the right wall mount for your TV and wall.

Professional TV Wall Mounting Products & Installation Services

Brackets supplied

We supply all types of brackets based on client’s needs viewing preference. If you are not sure what bracket to get for your TV, nothing to worry we can help to choose or supply the right wall mount for your TV and wall.

Fixed wall mount

The most used mount is flat/fixed wall mount, suitable for any type of walls. TV will be flush to the wall.

Tilt wall mount

These mounts let you angle the screen a few degrees up or down. This is useful if the TV is going to be high on the wall and you want to angle the screen down towards the viewer.

Full motion wall mount

These mounts usually have a moveable arm that allows the TV to extend out from the wall and be angled towards the viewer. It's handy if you need to put the mount in a corner where the TV wouldn't be able to sit flush.